Sportgarten Bremen


source: http://www.bremen.de/sixcms/detail.php?id=338036

The "Sportgarten“ is in the Pauliner Marsch near the “Weserstadion” in Bremen. The accessibilty from the city is very good. The “garden” is made for young people and their sports activitives. In there you find the following facilities:
• skate area
• skate-hockey ground
• artificial turf grounds
• basketball courts
• Beachvolleyballground
• Climbing wall

source: http://www.skateclub.de/bremen/sportgarten/

The park is very popular among skaters in Bremen. A lot of people like the climbing wall, because the wall makes fun. The garden is almost all day open (9:00-23:00) . The admission price is very reasonable. All things which you need can be borrowed for a small price in the Sportgarten.

by Dennis

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