Profile Jennifer

Age: 16 years old (17 March 92)
Hobbies: volleyball and football (soccer)
Free time: playing with my dog, meeting my friends
Person: adventuresome, cheerful and optimistic
Hello I'm Jennifer but everybody calls me Jenny. Born on 17th March 1992, so I'm 16 years old. I live with my parents and my two years younger brother in Bremen, near a lake with many fields. There I can play with my dog, who is now 10 weeks old. In my free time I have played volleyball in a club for five years and football, in a women team, for one year. So you can see I'm a real teamplayer and very sporty. I always want to bring my team to winning. I also like to meet my friends and laugh a lot ☺.
In my summerholidays I love to go camping with my family, but only to countries in the south. I've been to Croatia, Italy and France. There I enjoy it to chill with a book on the beach or to go by our little boat to a little remote island and stay there the whole day. In the evening I like to drink cocktails or going to a disco. All in all I enjoy the free life underneath the sun in my holidays.
For my future I want to start a career in business, where I have to deal a lot with other countries and with other languages.
My motivation for COMENIUS is to meet other people from other countries and to get to know the countries and cultures. I'm also very much interested in improving my command of English and if it's possible also of Spanish.

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