Profile Sara

Hey, my name is Sara and I’m 15 years old.

I have two siblings, one sister and one brother, both are older than me. I live with my parents and my siblings in a flat in the city centre. My sister and my father are studying German and my brother studied it. All the members in my family talk English.

I have been to Vienna last October and I have been in some cities of Portugal.In my free time I like going out with friends, listening to music (rock, hard rock, alternative rock, grunge, reggae...), going shopping, chatting with my friends...I have played football for three years, I have danced, painted and played basketball for one year and I have been in a theatre group for two years.I like animals and I have had some pets. Now I haven’t got any pets in my house because I want a dog and my mother doesn’t want dogs at home. I have a dog in my village, his name is Roy and he is one year old. Unfortunately he is a little bad-mannered because when he was young I wasn’t there to educate him.

My favourite subjets are Biology and German.