Profile Sandra


My name is Sandra. I'm 16 years old. I from Spain and I live with my parents.
The three better words to describe my personality are: merry, reliable and a bit shy at the beginning.

In my free time I go to the shopping center with my friends, often to see a film. I like listening to all types of music, meeting friends, playing basketball and some times going to the gym.
My favourite dish are pizza and spaghetti.
My favourite subjects are Maths, Chemical and English.
In the summer I spend my free time in different cities with my parents and also in my village where I have friends of different cities so we can chat about subjects that happen during the time that we are separate.

I dislike people that are egoistic, that boast a lot and the worst are who lie.
I dream with going during some months to another country like Ireland, Belgium... To improve English and know new people.

I think that this is an a very interesting project because I can know people of other countries and improve my English.