Profile Yagmur

Hey folks,

my name is Yagmur and I’m 17 years old.
The three powerful words to describe my personality are
friendly, trustful and sometimes lazy ;)
So, now I tell you about the things I like or dislike. I like to go shopping. I love it! And I like to meet my friends or to go to parties. I like to call my friends or family.
Always I talk too long and my phone bill is rising and my daddy’s killing me.
My favourite food is Iskender Kebab that is from Turkey it’s with lamb meat with a kind of special yoghurt. I like to play badminton it’s my hobby but I don’t play in an association.
My favourite music is r’n’b, black, house, electro and sometimes techno.
At the moment I live in a big house with my mum, dad and my fifteen years old brother. Sometimes I hate my brother because he annoys me.
Oh, I also have pets. A dog, her name is Minnie and a bird, his name is Spikey.
Last year in autumn I was in the USA, Florida with my grandmother and grandfather. It was a very good experience for me. And I met very nice people there.
My plans for the future are to go to Berlin and study there. I like Berlin ;)
I have read the internet homepage of COMENIUS. There is a lot of information on it. What kind of program it is. I think it is a good program that can provide an excellent experience for us.
My interest in traveling with COMENIUS is very huge. It can be a very good experience for me.

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