Profile Adrian

Name: Adrián González Barbosa
Age: 15 years old
I was born 24th February, 1993

I’m kind, friendly and sometimes lazy.
I live with my parents and my little sister, she is 5 years old and I spend much time playing with her, but at the end we always get angry and she cries.
I live in a small town and we haven’t got too many things to do so we usually go to the cinema or play football, but we aren’t very good so I only play to have fun and not to win or lose.

I like painting (oleo) and I have many pictures decorating my flat.
I like English and I’ve been studying it for 13 years, and I try to practice it when I travel.
I don’t practice any sport so in my afternoons I go out with friends or stay on the messenger because I hate being alone, and if I’m alone I take the phone and I call anyone. I like so much music, all kinds of music and now more hard rock like ac/dc or my favorite group “Linkin Park”.

My motivation for the Comenius is to meet other people and visit other countries with their cultures.