Profile Anna-Lena

Age: 17
Date of Birth: 04.06.1991
Family: parents are married, half-brother
• cheerful, energetic and quick-witted person
• actively involved in social projects: the German Red Cross
• twice a year: travel to interesting places -> e.g. France
• in 2005, I went on a trip to Nantes for a student exchange
• talents: connecting music with sport: passionate dancer
• but my most favourite hobby is swimming -> training: twice a week
• love to eat and laugh with friends, e.g. going to pubs, bars and restaurants
• My favourite subjects are German and French
• I dislike bad weather because I can’t go rollerskating with good
• For the next 10 years, I hope to get my high-school qualification to be allowed to go to university. Then I would like to become a tax consultant.
My motivation for my own COMENIUS project is to get to know new amazing cultures and exciting people!

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