Profile Dennis

Age: 17 (10.11.1991)
Class: 11
Competitive sports: Rowing
Club: Bremer Sport Club_Rowing
My favourite Sport is Rowing. This sport is a team sport. I have performed this sport for four years. I train 4- 7x a week. In Bremen we have the Weser and the Werdersee. The Werdersee is a very good training place for us. The lake is 4.3 km long, sheltered of wind and the trainer can ride by bicycle and give us brief orders. During a season we have 5- 7 regattas. The regattas take place in Köln, Hamburg, München, Bremen, Münster, Leer, Duisburg.
Music: pop, house and all up-to-date music
Character traits:
ambitious, kind ☺,tolerant, reliable, sociable
Family life: one younger brother
I Like: Werder Bremen, Party,Obama,When I have time I like to go to parties and to have fun with friends.
Travel: I have been to Spain, Italy (Rom, Venice, Lago di Garda…), Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Poland, France
I like to travel and to "discover" new countries and new big or interesting cities of the world.
Politics Project: I am involved in MUN → Model United Nations
MUN is a simulation of the UN (United Nation). The simulation takes place in Kiel with 430 students from Germany. From my school 5 students participate. We are in the simulation delegates for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
My dream: good job, family, a wonderful life
Motivation COMENIUS:
My motivation is to discover the countries and the cities. I want to get to know new people from other countries and improve my English.

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