Profile Melanie

My name is Melanie and I was born in Germany, Bremen.
I’m sixteen years old and live with my parents and my twin-sister in Bremen. I’m Polish, all my relatives live in Poland and we are driving there almost all holidays.
sport: I love to dance <3. One year ago I started to dance in a dance school. We dance Hip Hop. And I love it. Besides I go to the fitness centre, two or three times a week. about me: I’m an honest, authentic, funny and sometimes lazy person. My family and my friends are the most important things in my life. I dislike rain, I hate it when it’s cold outside and I don’t like testy and sniffy people. hobbies: I love to spend my time in the city going shopping or going to cafés. I like to party, to meet my friends and to phone. music: I listen to R’n’B and a little bit of house. My favourite singers are Taio Cruz, Ben Franklin, Chris Brown, Bobby Valentino and Kanye West. food: I love to eat no matter if it’s sweet or not, but my absolut favourite candy is chocolate <3. I could eat it everytime. And I love the Polish kitchen, there are so many traditional dishes and they’re all delicious. pets: I have a little dog, a yorkshire terrier, his name is Samy and he’s two years old. He’s so cute.☺ school education: Now I’m in the eleventh class and want to make my higher education entrance qualification. My favourite subject is German. After that I want to take up a commercial education. Maybe I am going to study, but I’m not sure. motivation: I think COMENIUS is a good thing. It connects pupils from different countries and you can get to know their culture and how they live there. I would like to travel to another country, it’s a good and interesting experience. ☺

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