Profile Héctor

Hello everybody,

My name is Hector and I’m 16 years old. I live in Spain, in a town called Orense. I live with my parents and my sister, she is younger than me. We live in a house in the country.
I think that the three better words to describe me are: friendly, funny and cheerful.

I like animals, so I have dogs, cats and horses. I ride my horses but now I think that for me, is less enjoying than before.
I like sports, especially, football. My favourite team is Real Madrid, but this year they aren’t winning too much matches. Some time before, I played in a team, but now, I haven’t got enough time, so I play it with my friends at weekends. I also play basketball with them.
I like rock music, like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, AC/CD, Linking Park...