Profile André

Age: 16
Class: 11
… I’m an optimistic, cheerful, decent and kind boy…
I’ve got one brother, he’s 18 years old.
I like to read subject journals (e.g. on train networks, technical progress…).
Recently I read an article on the safety of the ICE technology.
ICE is the German equivalent for TGV(France) or AVE (Spain).
Furthermore I like to listen to the radio, I like Pop and R’n’B.
My favourite Sport is to ride my bicycle.
I like to do something with my family in the nature. I like it when we walk in the park.
My favourite-meal is Hawaii-toast.
I like to visit different cities. I am interested in the public transport network and that’s why I travel a lot by train.
My budgies can fly freely in our apartment.
My dream
- to do a good graduation
- to improve my English
- after my graduation, to get a good training in a company
- establishing a family

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