Profile Hendrik

My name is Hendrik and I am 18 years old. Let me begin by describing myself in a few words. I’m a self-confident, open-minded, comunicative and friendly person.
My hobbies are various sports, hanging out with my friends and reading magazines about politics and the economy. I like every kind of sport; especially soccer and swimming. Despite that I’m a member of a gym, which is very close to the house where I live.
I earn my pocket money with a job at the Weser Stadium. That is the stadium, where the matches of the profesional soccer club of our town, Werder Bremen take place. On the one hand I sell bread there and I earn money and on the other hand I’m able to watch the matches of the club. That’s why I love the job.
I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and I prefer black- and house music.
At our school I am interested in subjects like maths and economics, but I also like English. I already participated at a school exchange program called GLS, where I stayed one year in the USA. I became a lot more mature and independent. In addition to that foreign language I also got skills in French.
I live with my parents in a house in Bremen, which is close to the Bürgerpark, which is a beautiful big park in Bremen. My grandmother was born in France and my mother is also able to speak the language perfectly.
I’m actively involved in a MUN-Project . MUN is the abrevation for Model United Nations. It is a simulation of the UN, where a lot of different schools from Germany participate. I like the project, because it is relatively close to reality.
In the future I want to study at an university in a different town or even a different country, because I want to discover a lot of new “places”.
My motivation for the COMENIUS project is to get to know interesting people from other countries with a different culture and attitudes and to give the other people the chance to stay at my house.

I belong to the online community facebook , so if you want to know anything about the town Bremen or about me just get in contact with me through my email address: Hendrik6@hotmail.de



Before the visit, I thought it would be a beautiful castle... Once there, I realised that it had been partially destroyed. The morning in Amboise was pleasant... in spite of the showers ! We began b visiting the small chapel where Leonardo da Vinci was buried. I love its architecture.
Then we went into the castle. I didn't think much of the exterior architecture. Nevertheless inside it's very richly detailed, notably the columns and floortiles that are decorated with "felurs de lys". There are also superb stained glass windows. A few pieces of furniture and interesting, like the piano and also the paintings which are of an impressive size.
The most original part of the castle is the tower that riders and carriages used to ride up and down to reach the castle terraces. Finally, between showers and gusts of wind, we came to a magnificent view of the Loire Valley.
To sum up, Amboise castle holds an important place in the histor of France. Many kings stayed there, like Francis I who spent his childhood there. This place is therefore brimming with a priceless wealth : memories.
by Pauline


My Comenius partner is Melanie. She lives in Bremen. Her mother workin a doctor surger and her father is an electrician. She has a twin-sister. She likes dancing and going to the fitness studio. She likes seeing friends and going for walks too. She enjoys listening R'n'B and a little house. She studies many subjects, including maths, management, accountancy, German, English, sport, biology, IT, history and Polish. In France we didn't talk much to each other. I found Melanie nice, reserved and polite.
by Pauline


"Moulin Rouge"

1900, Paris, in the Montmartre quarter. The Moulin Rouge is a den of vice for all men of society who mingle with the girls of the streets. Satine, the Glittering Diamond of the Moulin Rouge, is one of these girls. Her role : selling love. But what do you do when your heart becomes attached to a man (the young poet Christian) while it has already been bought (by Duke Monroth) ?
A film which links sensuality and love, comic actors and tragedy, through the magic of the musical, allows us to enter the colourful world of the Moulin Rouge !
FRANKLY, I loved this film ! Its soundtrack sang to me ! and its casting gathers box-office stars like EWAN MCGREGOR (audacious Obi-Wan of Star Wars) and NICOLE KIDMAN (I think she's simply TREMENDOUS in this role) ! My favourite scene remains Roxane's tango : this song tells of the jealousy which a lover feels when his companion sells her charms and on screen a multitude of couples dancing in perfect synchronization. It is so spellbinding that this made me feel like signing up for tango lessons before I changed my mind !
by Naël


Friday 23rd January we arrived in Tours at about 1 pm. We sheltered from the wind in the station and lunched. A few took photos, especially the Spanish students. After this snack the students divided into groups : the Germans with their partners, the Belgians on their own and the Spanish with us, their partners.

It wasn’t easy to keep up with the Spanish students who were buying everything in every store; while Oriane and Aurore looked on helplessly. This included trying on hats, glasses, scarfs; and even a tiara with the added bonus of posing for Cassandra’s keen photographic eye.

Then a quick Spanish snack to boost energy levels before taking out our purses and heading for Ashton and Katcher where Cintia, Carlota and Olalla bought three Rolling Stones T-shirts in different colours (green, grey and purple). Next we went to Claire’s where the French Sarah bought a pair of earrings for Carlota. After asking Aurore and Orianne to look after the Spanish students, we went back to Ashton and Katcher so Léa could buy Spanish Sara the fourth Rolling Stones T-shirt, white this time. Back and forth we went, trying to find our partners who played the fashion victims. We only found Sara who Léa give her present to. We raced to catch the bus, because we were late. Once, in the bus, the French and Spanish Sara(h)s each gave their presents to their partners (Spanish and French). Back home in Château du Loir, we headed for the pub (only to play billiards).

by Sarah and Léa

RED'N TAAGA - the highschool's band

This band is composed by French students : Baptiste on the drums, Lucas and Benjamin on the guitars and also the singers, Julie on the bass and finally Théophile on the synthesizer. But why "Red n'Taaga", you will ask us ? Well, it's a Moore word (Burkina language) wich means "friends". These fans of Bob Marley, Tiken Jah or Janis Joplin write their lyrics themselves with the help of friends sometimes. They have chosen strong topics like AIDS, current affairs including the USA situation, illegal weapon trafficking, always influenced by their passion for Africa.
In the beginning, it was for their passion of instruments that Lucas, Benjamin and Baptiste decided to form their group one summer evening during the holidays. While looking for a bass-player and synthesizer-player, they found Julie and Théophile who joined in September. Once the band had been formed and the songs composed, "Red n'Taaga" gave its firts concert at Le Lude with the help of Esperone, another group from Château-du-Loir which also inspired them. And we were there !
While attending rehearsals we noticed an atmosphere of enthusiasm and good humour... We were particularly struck by the pleasure they took in playing, for example, cult songs like "Aïsha" or "A liberated woman", but that's nothing compared to their spontaneity. Indeed when they were asked to set a poem by Baudelaire to music, they leapt at the chance to turn it into a catchy rap number ! However, the group also has its serious moments when creating original numbers !
We strongly advise you to go and see this group and we personally can't wait to attend their next concert and discover their new songs !
the link : www.myspace.com/reedntaaga
by Clémentine and Fanny


The French group TRYO is known fos its activism and conviviality. Everybody knows this group and its accoustic reggae influences, and it has manged to attract fans with strong themes like world peverty, politics, ecology and of course love. Indeed TRYO doesn't just sing but is actively involved in Green Peace.
How did this group start, you ma ask ? Well, it began in 1995 with three young men around a camp fire. Festival after festival, Guizmo, Manu and Mali gradually built up a following. Then Danielito and his percussions skill joined them and this led to their first album called "Mamagulida" in 1988. Two years later, "Faut qu'ils s'activent" adopted more political style and they followed it up with their third album "Grain de sable" released in 2003. More mature and more militant than the two previous albums it didn't hesitate to stress a more political message. On the 1st of September 2008, their long-awaited fourth album was released. Recorded in an isolated farmhouse, this album is less poetic, more direct but the lyrics are still full of meaning.
by Clémentine and Fanny

And you ? Do you know TRYO ? Post your comments !

My favourite soap

"Dr House" is a really hilarious American soap. It began in 2004. This comic soap was a worldwide hit. In France we became ken on the main character not only because he's good looking, but also for his colwnish black humour.
Basically is the plot : Gregory House, doctor and diagnostician (the one who finds the illnesses no one can identify), is a strong character. In fact, this mysterious man with a limp tends to listen to nobody... and doesn't hesitate to manipulate to achieve his ends. His only real friend is Wilson who, unlike House, became attached to his patients. Although ruthless and without feelings, House is a really gifted doctor. That's why knowing he's indispensable at the hospital, he takes a malicious pleasure in making life hell for his team of students (Cameron, Chase and Foreman), as well as for the hospital administrator, Lisa Cuddy (who is slightly maniac and perfectionnist).
What we love in House is that he's really hot even if can be really hateful. Although the story focuses on House, he would be nothing without his team. I's composed of Cameron, a woman who seems boring because she respects too much the instructions. On the contrary, Foreman is becoming little by little House's double. As for Chase, he's a rich boy and a lickspittle. This mix of characters is what intrigues us a little more each time.
by Clémentine and Fanny

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4 Belgian students going to Bremen - Clara


Hello, my name is Clara. I come from Liège in Belgium. I have a very large family: five brothers and eight sisters but we are just four who still live at home. The others are adults now, and have already children themselves. I find it’s great to have a lot of brothers and sisters. I always have someone with whom I can talk, go out, laugh …
Due to that, I’m very sociable and I like meeting new people.I enjoy writing and reading a lot. Later, I would like to be a French teacher.
Every Saturday, I go to my riding school. I really love horses and I appreciate riding it. I have practiced drama for about two years and dance for one year. I like going out with my friends, seeing my big family, playing on the computer, watching TV …
I listen to Rock music but I can listen to other styles like electro, soul, pop rock…
I’ m very happy to participate in COMENIUS project. It’s a good way of meeting people, discovering new cultures and living a good experience in a country abroad.

4 Belgian students going to Bremen - Florence


My name is Florence. I’ve got three brothers and my two parents. My young brother is 15 years old and my older brothers are 22 and 28 years old. I can speak German a little.
I’ve got some animals: a dog, a fish, a frog, a guinea-pig, a turtle, a hamster and chickens. I like animals. I take medicine for my stomach and I have to avoid acid food and drinks.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.

4 Belgian students going to Bremen - Lara


My name is Lara, I have been 18 since 21 January. I have got one brother, Christophe, and we get on well with each other.
I love History. I also like doing sports, particularly rowing that I practise in a club in Liège. But I had to stop because of a road crash.
I hope to be able to row again soon.
I think I’ m sympathetic but a bit shy.
I can easily listen to others. I’ m looking forward to meeting new people.
See you soon.

4 Belgian students going to Bremen - François


Hello, my name is François Martins. I’m Portuguese and I’m 16 years old.
I attend school at Saint-Raphaël in Remouchamps. I was born in Belgium, but whole family lives in Portugal except my parents and two uncles. I live with my parents and my sister in a small village 15 km from Remouchamps. I am sociable, friendly, optimistic, outgoing and I like laughing with my friends. My favourite sport is football. My favourite team is Benfica in the Portuguese championship. My favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, he is the best player in the world and he is of course Portuguese. I like watching the Bundesliga matches on TV and I think that Werder Bremen is a very good team. But football is not everything in my life. I also spend time with my family and my friends. I like listening to music too, especially French rap music. I love traveling and every year I return to Portugal to see my family. I am someone who loves his country and I am proud of my origins, my nationality.
My motivation for the COMENIUS project is too meet people from other countries, discover other cultures and other countries.
Through this project, I could improve my English and talk to people I do not know yet.


Une semaine trop courte

Meeting of Améliane and Sophie

Tennis and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Hello, we are Pauline and Alice. We like playing tennis every Friday for an hour, because we can let off stream and unwind after a long week at school.We like playing tennis as much as watching a match? We are fans of Amélie Mauresmo, Gaël Monfils, JO-Wilfried Tsonga and Rafael Nadal.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is a French tennis player, born on 17th of April 1985 in Le Mans.
His career bagan in Sarthe, then he spent two years in intensive training for potentional stars at Poitiers when he was 13. In 1999 he became France Champion for 13 to 14 year-old and won the Junior US Open. He then entered the National Institute for Sport & Physical Education (INSEP). since 2002 he has been part of the Roland Garros National Training Center (CNE). 2004 marked a turning point in his career, he left the junior team and went to train with a former CNE star. Jo-Wilfried won many matches, including one against the world N°4 player: Carlos Moya.
2008 was a year of highs an lows. On the one hand,he beat players as great as Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal; on the other hand, a knee injury forced him to retire from the Roland Garros tournament, as well as the Olympic Games of Beijing.

His main strenght is his impressive size with 90kg of muscle! He uses his physical strenght to advantage, playing from the baseline and hitting the ball straight over the net. He has a powerfull service. All these advantages heve led to his being classed 11th plaer of the world ranking: that is to say the third best French player after Simon and Monfils.


This is the profile of sara, my spanish partner

He descubierto en Sara una persona muy atractiva. Al principio, tuve mucho temor pero inútilmente porque Sara se reveló ser una persona muy simpática y divertida. El mejor momento que pasé con ella, es en el momento de la salida en Tours cuando le ofrecí una camiseta de Rolling stones y que me saltó en los brazos para agradecerme. Me gusta esta manera que tiene de mostrar sus emociones con tanta facilidad. Justo después, en el autocar, Sara me ofreció una pequeña estatua africana comprada sin que yo lo supiera, esto me agradό, y cada vez que la miro, pienso en ella.

Pasé con Sara muy buenos momentos, ¡ pero su estancia fue desgraciamente demasiado corto ! Tuve mucha pena cuando Sara se fue, porque es realmente una persona abierta, con quien el diálogo se hizo fácilmente. Espero única cosa : ¡ verla de nuevo !

I discovered in Sara, a very charming partner. At first I was very axious but needlessly because Sara turned out to be a very nice, polite and funny person.

by Léa

A Sporty Afternoon

Thursday, 22nd January 2009, 2 o’clock
All the pupils who participated in the Comenius project and their Belgian, Spanish, German penfriends, competed for a cup in a tournament of badminton. After changing in the locker rooms, the participants began the warm-up, supervised by Mrs Barbier, sports teacher. After that, the players divided up into teams of two. The French pupils installed the equipment, and the tournament began!
During this sports exchange, pupils and teachers were able to make better acquaintance.
After two hours of severe competition, the results were announced: Belgian pupils were the winners, French pupils came second and Spanish and German pupils were third.
The equipment was quickly changed and the players continued with a match of volley ball. The different teams were more or less successful but a good atmosphere reigned.
Certain people finished the day with a match of football, while the others recuperated their strength so as to get ready for the events of the day after.

By Marion D. & Manon H.


Profile Anyos

My personality: open-minded, truthful, cheerful
First of all I’d like to introduce myself: I am 17 years old and my birthday is on the 05.07.1991.
I am German, but my dad comes from Hungary, so I got many relatives in Hungary.
My parents are still living together and have been married for 19 years now. I’ve got a little sister, she is 9 years old.
I am a very committed, young man in school, especially in English. I went to London for almost a month in a host family and to Canada for half a year, in order to do an exchange project.
I am a very open-minded person, so I don’t mind to get into another family and to experience new cultures!
My Hobbies:
I have been playing the guitar for almost 3 years now. I played in a band and had a lot of gigs. Then I got a singing education and started to perform and to write my own music.
Among other things, I have been playing tennis for 7 years now. I have tournaments and league games. I practice 4 times a week.
If I don’t play tennis or make music, I hang out with my friends, have some fun in a pub or just hang out at home.
Goals for the future:
My aims for the future are not really structured yet, the only thing I know is that I want to finish school as good as possible and live in an English speaking country!
I already joined the Comenius project once and it was a great experience for me that’s why I’m very keen on traveling through Europe again!


France - Two German diaries

After a long and exhausting day we arrived in Chateau du Loir, a little village near Le Mans, with the Spanish and Belgium people.
We were welcomed in the college, by our host-students. They were all very friendly to us, but the whole situation was a bit tough. But while we went to the guildhall, my host sister and I started our first conversation which was still a bit hawed.
The welcome in the house of my host family was as great as I imagined it. We ate all together and because her mother and brother can’t speak English or German, my host sister translated everything they talked about. This helped me very much and made me feel already home there.

Our day in school was in some cases different to Germany, for example the class goes up to the afternoon and so they eat in a cafeteria.
Unfortunately we had lessons like physics and biology,where we couldn’t understand anything.But the view of our host students was very informative, we saw articles of their student newspaper. I was really amazed that they write their articles also in English and German.
The sport tournament in the afternoon was really funny and surprising, that it is possible to connect different people from different cultures with sports.
Because mostly when we were all together we stayed in our groups and not with the people of the other countries. And while playing volleyball and badminton it seemed to be easier to get into contact with each other.
After two exhausting and interesting days everything was lightened up. In the castle we made our first pictures with our host students which shows that we did more with them and the relation to them got better.
I think it always takes its time to get to know somebody better and that’s why Saturday, the free day with my host sister was the best and funniest we had. We were all together, all four countries connected, ice skating and shopping.

But the most impressive thing for me was how my host family welcomed me and that they took care in doing the best that I feel very well and at home there.
Also very formidable was how different they live. They had such a big house which was really amazing because it was in an old-style. And their eating culture was also very different to ours, for example that they have four meals a day.

My personal profit out of this project is that I got to know another culture which was really exciting.
I also learned that you have to be a bit more openminded, because they are all humans like you and there is maybe the difference of the language but this shouldn’t matter.
The further education aspect is also a big profit for me, because when you are forced to speak English you are able to and you advance in your level.

I would take part in such a project at any time again.

My days in France were very interesting. I learned a lot about the culture and have seen some beautiful cities and places. What I really liked was that the French people were very friendly and frank to us e.g. in school.

My correspendence was regrettably a bit shy. It was a bit difficult to have a conversation.

The lessons there were certainly interesting, but I did not understand what they were saying. The other students tried to explain what the teacher said and it was funny.

After school we had a sports tournaments where we played Badminton and Volleyball.

It was really fun. I enjoyed it and in Badminton we made the third place.

The following day we made a trip to Amboise, where we visited the 'Château' and Tours.

In Tours we had freetime and went shopping. It was a little bit difficult, because we had to go with our French correspendence. So we were a big group and everyone wanted to go to another shop, it was complicated but it was cool to have some time to do things without the whole group. We bought a lot of clothes there.

The last day in France I spent with my correspendence Pauline, her sister and the sister's boyfriend. We drove to Le Mans to go shopping and do a little bit of sightseeing. I liked it although we had little time. The cathedral of Le Mans is so beautiful I was really impressed. In the evening we were invited to Camille, the correspendence of Jennifer. We played Wii and ate pizza end fooled around. I had a really good time there.

As a result I can safely say that the trip to France was a very interesting experience for me. I have seen a lot of new things, I learned something about the French culture and met a lot of nice people and I would never regret to have made such a trip. I would do it everytime again and advise everybody who has this possibility, to do it. And I want to thank my English-teacher for giving me this possibility.