Profile Jessica

Hey..my name is Jessica I’m 16 years old and live with my mother, father and my twin-sister in a house in Bremen. My parents come from Poland and my whole family lives there. I have many friends there and we drive often in the holidays to my relatives.
I’m an authentic, truthful and jolly person. I like to spend the time with my friends going to the city, to cinema or going clubbing. Because I have always been a passionate dancer and enjoy dancing I started to dance hip hop in an association one year ago. Generally I like everything that has a combination with music. I am fond of listening to r’n’b or house music. For example Chris Brown, Taio Cruz or Bobby Valentino.
I can’t stand it when people are boring only sitting in their house and watching TV because I’m always on the way. I dislike rain or cold weather I love it when it is warm and sunny sitting in cafes or going to the ‘Weser’ - the he river that flows through Bremen.
I absolutely like to eat no matter if it’s sweets or not, but I’m prefering the Polish food it’s very delicious and healthy =). My favourite dish is pizza and Polish specialities like ‘Pierogi’ or ‘Ptasie Mleczko’.
I have a lovely dog his name is Samy, it’s a mini Yorkshireterrier. He’s two years old and still a baby. Small and cheeky.
My family, friends and I drive yearly to Denmark. Additionally I was in Italy, France, the Czech Republik and very often in Poland to visit my family. I would love to spend some time in Australia.
I attended 6 years a comprehensive school. I was there in a music class playing instruments and organising concerts. We had a lot of performances. At the moment I go to the ‘SZ Grenzstraße’. My favourite subjects are German and Sports.
When I have done my higher education entrance qualification I want to study and to have a good job and get on the top of a company. ☺
Besides my dream is to go for a year in another country to get some experience, to practice my English and to be independent.
Therefore I am highly motivated for this project. It connects students from different countries and I can get to know their culture, daily routine and life. I take a great interest in this project.. I would get much positive experience and improve myself. I look forward to doing a school exchange.

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