Profile Sarah

My name is Sarah and I’m sixteen years old. I don’t like speaking about myself. That’s why my presentation is short. This year, I am in literature section. I live with my parents in Nogent, close to Chateau du Loir. I have one brother, Kevin, who is thirteen years old and I have a cat too. My family and my friends are everything for me.
To describe myself, I'm a shy, kind-hearted and funny girl. I like spending my time with my friends, travelling and like every girl I love shopping. I have been learning to drive with my parents since October and I enjoy it. I don’t like walking for hours, and I can't stand hypocritical and racist people. My favourite sports are badminton and rugby but I don’t do a lot of sport. My favourite subjects are Spanish, math and history. I listen to all sorts of music except classical. I have played the piano and synthesizer for ten years but I don’t play in a group because I play music for myself. It’s selfish but I’m very embarrassed to play in front of people. I have been to Spain (in Andalusia with school), to England two times and to Italy. I will go to Spain in April 2008. My dreams are to travel around the world and go to the Sahara.
When I heard about the Comenius project, I decided to take part in it because I would like to meet people who live in other countries and to discover their culture and their customs. What’s more, I’m keen on comparing France with other countries.
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