Profile Camille

Hi ! I’m Camille. I’m 16 and I’m in a scientific class.

I like reading, listening music, seeing my friends… I love swimming, especially synchronize swimming. I practice every Friday.

I think shy, funny and a little bit crazy describe me quite weel!

I like learning languages, that’s why I have chosen to learn English, German and Spanish.

I live in a house, which is five minutes away of the lycée.

I have a big sister (she lives at home only during week-ends) and a little brother. I have a little dog (really cute!) and a car.

I like travelling and I’ve been to Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Morocco, Sénégal and Liban (my favourite country!).

I would like to become a paediatrician because I love taking care of children.

I want to take part in COMENIUS project because I think it’s a good way to discover different cultures and improve my languages.

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