Profile Aurore


My name is Aurore Janvier. I am 17 years old. I was born on October 31st, 1991, Halloween’s day. I have 1 brother (Alexandre, 15) and 3 sisters (Alicia, 12 ; Andréa, 10 ; Claire, 4).
I have cats and dog, it’s a rottweiller but it’s a nice dog  and it lives outside in his doghouse.

I’m friendly, simpathetic and I’m little shy. My favorite subjects are the mathematics and the history. I play judo in a judo club. My favourite music are the rock and the metal.
My hobbies are to listen music, computer, to chat with my friends and reading books. I like music, reading twilight... I hate people who judge the persons without know.

In my life, I went to England, Spain and Germany. My dream is to be able to travel. My motivation in COMENIUS project is to meet people and to know news cultures.

Bye Bye !!

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