Profile Léa


My name is Léa,

I’m 16 years old, I’m in the literature section and I live in Château de Loir, with my parents and my cat: Sucrette. I have three sisters and one brother.

My favourite subjects are Spanish, French, History and Sport.

I would describe myself as a shy, sweet-natured and funny person ( when I feel at ease with people).

My hobbies are listening to music, seeing my friends, reading and sport. I like a little of everything in music (but I prefer reggae)and my favourite singers are Mylene Farmer and Patrice and my favorite sport is Basketball.

I like politics, seeing my friends and especially partying.

I’ve travelled to Spain and Tunisia.

My dream is to go to Africa and help its population. I hate homework, hypocritical people.

With Comenius I hope to enrich my vocabulary as regards Spanish. At the same time I'd like to improve my general knowledge of the countries with which we are participating. This project interests me because it is an opportunity which isn't given to everybody. Meeting people from other countries would also allow me to practise my languages and even to discover new languages and maybe guide me in my professional choices for the future.

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