Profile Meghan

Hi, my name is Meghan McNaughton and I am 18 years old. I am an exchange student from Niagara Falls, Canada here in France for a year at the Lycée Racan in Château du Loir.

My favourite subjects are biology, chemestry, and math, although I also enjoy learning languages and about different cultures. I can speak English, French, and Portuguese, and have a fairly good comprehension of Spanish. My future goals are to study either Health Sciences or Biomedical sciences in university upon my return home and eventually I would like to go to medical school, although I’m not sure in which field yet.

When it comes to music, I enjoy a variety of different styles, but I mostly prefer rock. Some of my favourite bands include Hedley, Boys like Girls, and Coldplay. I also play the piano at an advanced level.

Another interest of mine is travel. I have been to Canada, USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Scotland, and France. I love to see new cultures and lifestyles.

My motivation in the COMENIUS project is to learn more about the french culture through the workshops, to learn more about the cultures of the other participating countries, and to share my culture with others.

Three words I would choose to describe my personality are ambitious, reflective, and caring.

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