Profile Janin

My Name is Janin.
On July, the 25th I celebrated my 18th birthday.
I live with my older sister, my mother and my father in Bremen, its a town in the North of Germany.

My personality in three words:
I’m a friendly, but determined person and sometimes I’m a broad-minded person. I love to have fun with my friends because I think fun is important in life.

About me
My favourite food is noodles.
I like to listen to music, meet friends, sometimes I watch TV. Well, at the weekend you can sometimes meet me at a disco.
My hobbies are sailing, swimming, dancing and playing the guitar.
I like different kinds of music but traditional music of Germany – we call it Volksmusik – is horror for me.
At the moment I am training to become a sailing instructor; I coach sailing to teenagers and children. I have done this for one year now but I have already sailed.

I go to an upper-secondary-level class (year 11) and I speak English, French (needs to be trained) and German. I have already been to France (taking part in an exchange programme) and Scotland and Denmark (in the holidays).

Future plans:
I would like to become a licensed sailing instructor.
My motivation for the COMENIUS-project is to get to know new people and learn about their countries. I think it’s a fantastic idea to communicate with other countries and learn something else.
à bientôt

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