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My personality in 3 words is that I am almost always in a good mood, I am helpful and very caring.

Hi, my name is Charlene Ohlhoff. I am 16 years old and come from Bremen, it’s a federal state in Germany. At the moment I attend the school SZ Grenzstraße (year 11).

My favourite country is Japan, because I like their culture and those animes. Animes are films and series from Japan. In addition, I like to chill with my friends, go shopping, do crazy things and sometimes listen to music. My preferred music is metal, rock and J-Rock (this is rock from Japan).

What I don’t like at all are fish sticks, rise up (too) early in the morning. Plus, I don’t like mosquitoes.
Foreign languages: My foreign language skills are German, Spanish and Englisch.
I live with my brother, my mother and my stepfather in a house in Bremen near the town-centre. We have a cat and many fish.
My favourite subjects at school are Sport and History, because it’s interesting to find out how humans in earlier times lived.
I don’t know yet how I arrange my future. My future plan at the moment is to finish my final secondary-school examinations.
My talent is that I am very versatile. Plus, I am in the sports club Werder Bremen. Do you know the football league Werder??
It is interesting to meet new people and I would be glad if I could take part in the COMENIUS project. I think it is challenging to meet others and together work at a project.

Charly J

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