Putting our leisures into words and images (Belgium)

Putting our leisures into words and images (Belgium)
Every pupil of the “Social Sciences” option answered to a questionnaire. The aim was to describe their feelings, to explain what they did during their leisure and what they thought about it. We illustrated the results of this survey with pictures and drawings then we created small books. Here are the texts published in our albums.

When I drink too much…
At first, I feel light, free. I laugh, I cry. Then I feel dizzy and fuzzy. I talk no sense and I see the others laughing. I tell everybody that I love them. I go to everybody’s arms. Sometimes as well, I have red eyes and I want to map people. In the washroom, I sit next to the loo and I feel horrible. I am afraid to fall on the floor or to be raped. At the end of the party, I can’t walk anymore and I vomit. When I am thinking, I tell myself I shouldn’t drink.

When I watch TV too much…
Sometimes, I watch TV all day long. I sit comfortably in the couch or in my bed.
I eat pizzas, crisps in a plate. I argue with my brothers if they disturb me. I have a headache, my eyes are aching. I feel tired, I yawn. I think we are living in a crazy world. I mistrust other people. I find myself ugly and pointless. When I am thinking, I am ashamed of having done nothing else all day.
When I play too much computer…
I play 3-4 hours without stopping, sometimes during the day or at night. I am hypnotized and I can’t stop playing. If someone interrupts me I get angry. I am excited. My eyes blink, they are aching. I have a headache and sometimes I feel dizzy. I can’t sleep well, I have nightmares. In the classroom, I feel weak and tired, I think again about the game pictures. When I am thinking I tell myself that I should meet people. I am afraid of becoming addicted.

The Basketball, it’s my life !
I like the team spirit. I train like an NBA player. I like the atmosphere created by the supporters. I feel proud when we win. I feel good. My brain creates endorphines. I forget my failures when I play. I commited 5 fouls. I have to stay on the bench. I respect the players, the coaches and the referee. I’m afraid when there is a free throw. I’d like to play like Mickael Jordan.

The theatre and me
I like making people laugh and clowning around. I can exploit my comedian talent. I have sereval personalities when I play.I strengthen my self-confidence. I forget my worries. I have to memorise my lines sometimes, it’s hard !!! The faces, the expression and the articulation are important.It’s a very good listening exercise when you play with a lot of people.
I have to take the others’play into account to adapt mine. I want it to become my job.

The dance, it’s fun!
I do some streching to avoid having cramps. I have to assert my style, be creative. I always have to check the beauty of the position. When I dance, I feel like carried by the group’s energy. I don’t see the time. I forget everything when I dance. I wear casual clothes. When I don’t manage to do the steps, I ask myself questions.
I am afraid of hurting myself and having to stop dancing. I really would like to make it my job.

The horse-riding
When I’m on my pone , I feel free and confident. I’m happy when I ride. I use my body to guide my horse. I develop the muscle of my back and my stomach when I ride.
I go over difficulties. I like competition. I respect the animal’s rythme, I learn patience. I have a friendly relationship with my poney. I also have to take care of the stables.
I would like to look like Eric Lamaze, the Olympic champion.
by the pupils from the 3 rd“Social Sciences” option

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