Jérôme, profile to Ourense 2010

Hello, my name is Jérôme, I am Belgian and I am fifteen years old. I have two big passions: like diving and what I prefer is theatre! Later, I would like to be an actor…
I go to the institute saint-Raphaël. I live in the country in a small village near Esneux, in Fontin.
I have many animals: hens, rabbits and ducks. I had a guinea pig which was Punky
(because of his small wisp).
We also have a kitchen garden which I very much like to look at in spring!
I‘ve traveled a lot with my brother, my sister and my parents. We’ve been to Italy, to Portugal, many times to France and sometimes to the North Sea in Belgium. I also left Europe and our continent to cross the Atlantic Ocean to Canada! It was very nice, landscapes were magnificent and the inhabitants of Quebec were very nice.
Here is my portrait.

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