Leisure activities in the past and now / Sara Maslanka

The activities that young people used to do in the past are very different from the leisure ones in the present, although some of them haven´t changed.
In the past people spent more time out of their homes because they didn´t have so many games or computers, televisions and vidiogames as we have noow.
They spent a lot of time with their friends, and when they had money they used to go to the cinema on weekends.
Nowadays we hardly ever go to the cinema, beacause we are used to downloading the new films we want to see from the Internet.
People in the past were longer outise because they wanted to see and talk to their friends, but today we spend more time inside our houses, because we don´t need to go out to communicate with our friends. We just need to turn on our computer, or our movile phones and we can speak to anybody all over the world.

But there are things that haven´t changed at ll. Young people in the past liked to practise sport together, and so do young people in the present.
It´s a funny way of working out, and spending time with friends is something that was and still is ver ypopulat between young people.

In general all generations of young people like music. Music is very popular although the styles and music preferences have changed throughout the years.

I think that leisure activities may have changed from the past to the present days, but, in my opinion, young people in the past enjoyed, as much as we do now, their free time hobbies. It doesn´t matter if they have changed.
Mostly they have changed because of the new technologies, but they can be the same fun now as they were then.

Perhaps nowadays we are too dependent on technologies to communicate with others, but for young people now the inportant things in their lives are the same as they werein the past.

by Sara Maslanka Figueroa, 1º Bach C

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