Ella, profile to Ourense 2010

My name is ELLA. I’m 16 years old and I live in SPA with my mother, and I live in ESNEUX with my father. At my mother’s, I have one sister and one brother, we live in a house in the forest. I have a horse which stays in a riding school 200 meters next to my house. My mother plans to open a shelter for 24 persons. Every Monday and Wednesday run in the athletics club and I sometimes make competitions. My sister is ten years younger than I. My mother works at home she has got workshop, she makes sofa’s for a shop in SPA. My father is an artist, he makes tables, lamps, chairs, … My two houses are in the country, I don’t like big towns I prefer living in a small town with not too many people. I love nature!!! When I am older, I would like to work in the field.

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