Leisure activities of young people / Irina Fernández

I think that there are many leisure activities to choose nowadays, so young people can do many different things when we are not at school or doing schoolwork.

For example, if you like sports, you can practise it on your own, such as swimming, walking, going to the gym…; or you can go painting; if you enjoy going out with your friends, maybe, you’d like to go to the shopping centre or to the cinema; and if you’re the kind of person who likes staying at home, you can take advantage to read a book, to surf the internet or to watch TV.

From my point of view, all of these activities are good because some of them help you to be fit and healthy, and others are better to develop your mind, so you’ll be never wasting your time.

However, there’re other activities, such as get drunk or destroy the urban facilities, which, I believe young people (or other people) should never do.

To avoid such negative activities in young people, I think that positive activities should be promoted by the governments, making campaigns to show their advantages. These campaigns can be about the environment respect, showing to young people that in their free time, they can look after woodlands, help to clean rivers, parks, gardens…and improve this way, our life quality; or governments could also invert in public libraries, sports facilities, schools of music, wifi-areas… to provide places where young people can spend their time in a good way.

In conclusion, young people can do a lot of things in our leisure time, but it would be better if we choose a positive one, because it will be good for us, and our future.


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