Profile of Amandine

Hi ! I'm Amandine and I was born on the 23d of November 1992 in La Flèche (Sarthe). I live in Le Lude with my parents, my little brother who is 13, my cat and my rabbit.
I am in Terminale L. I've done dance for 5 years and I did fencing for 1 year.
I am nice, friendly and helpful but I'm very shy and very sensible too. I like what teenagers like, it means going out with my friends, listening to music (all kinds of music), surfing the internet and I love reading. I hate liars and selfish people. My favorite subjects are German, English and Literature.
I dream going around the world. I've already been to Germany for 1 month.
I'm taking part in the Comenius project because I want to discover different people and cultures. I am fond of languages and I think it's a good way to improve them.

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