Interview of Mr Georges, the headmaster

Camille and Alice - Have you ever worked in a bigger school ?
Mr Georges - Yes, certainly, in a school with 1700 students.

C and A - Do you find the atmosphere here more convivial than a bigger school ?
Mr G - It's really different, most of the students konw the others and it is the same with the teachers. The atmosphere is most serene, there is a better consideration of others and idea of affiliation to a community.

C and A - Why did you choose our school ?
Mr G - I didn't choose to come here. All principals have to be ready to change schools. Before I was in Lorraine and I chose 10 school academies. After that, my superiors suggested different schools.

C and A - Have you projects for this school ?
Mr G - For the firts year, I wanted to test the water and began projects with the teachers. I would like to improve the results of the scientific classes. What's more, I would like to involve students in sustainable development. I would like more communication with parents and improve the internet site.

C and A - What's your role in Comenius project ?
Mr G - It's interesting and my role, really, is to make easier the reception of the partners. I just took over from the previous headmaster.

C and A - Do you take the Comenius project seriously ?
Mr G - Yes, it's a good experience for the school and opens it to the outside world.

C and A - What does the Comenius project bring to this school ?
Mr G - It encourages cultural awareness and gives our school a window on the world.

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