Minutes of the Comenius Conference in Spain 16th March 2010 to 21st March 2010


Bremen (GER) : Andrea Holzinger, Saskia Laackmann, Manfred Runge, Werner Fabisch
Aywaille (BE): Collette Franck, Jacqueline Vanstalle, Valerie Fafchamps, Sophie Defise
Château du Loir (F): Chrystelle Capdecomme, Valier Baraille

Ourense (ES): Elisa Álvarez Fernández, Raquel Pato Lorenzo, Amparo Vázquez Vivas


- multilingual dicitionary

- evaluation

- final report

Multilingual Dictionary

Collette and Jacqueline present the final version of the multilingual dictionary in printed form which is to be given to the travelling students. The digital version will be put on the blog (including galego).


Within the project we are obliged to evaluate the project. Elisa will set up a questionnaire and send it to the partners. Parents and students should be asked to fill it in.

Final report
By 30/9/2010 all partners have to submit an intermediate report and send it to their national agency in the corresponding language. The following was discussed:

- There is no longer a joint part included.

- Concerning problems each country should describe them according to their individual situation.

- As the final product is the blog and several films and booklets Andrea advises not to send any printed material or CDs or DVDs as all the relevant results can be seen on the blog.

- All the intended activities were achieved.

by Andrea Holzinger

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