PC/IT Use - Games statistics

Nowadays computers are an essential element in the everyday life of humans. The Comenius project as aforesaid is about leisure time activities. These statistics are therefore aligned with the PC and consoles concerning the free time response. We, that are Stefan and I, have suspected before carrying out the survey that the computer is a technological medium very often taken advantage of. The survey confirms this view. So and now the facts!

Our survey deals with modern information and communication technology. We have noticed that for many young people the computer is very important and is a part of everyday life.
Each of 39 asked students uses the PC at least in school or at home once a day. It isn´t only used for homework and studying, but also for chatting with friends, listening to music or for playing a game.

Almost every student spends about 2 hours a day with his little companion - this is already much time. However, this has also many advantages, especially for the later profession.
It is a positive point of the survey that there is much less interest in computer games. The trend fades, that one meets friends in the community at weekends and plays together games.

With the results we are convinced that one can´t remove the PC from our weekday any more. Many people wouldn’t like to do without it. The habits and needs of the people changed very much and will continue to change very much. In future we will be even more dependent on computers and internet. We are curious what awaits us. Perhaps star wars becomes reality soon.
by Dennis and Stefan (copyright picture: Dennis)

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