Belgium in October

The exchange started on 20th October 2009, we took the train, that means 7hours till we arrived in Brussels.
Torben, Hendrik, Olesja, Mrs. Holzinger, Mrs. Janoschek, Mrs. Spiehlhoff and Mr. Braun went to a nice cafe in the Belgium capital. It´s called “ Mort Subite” ( in Englisch that means sudden death).
We saw there a lot of the nightlife of Brussels and the Belgian people e.g in the cafe. the way they talk, they often use their hands and speak really loud.
Wednesday 21st October 2009 we met our host families. But to be honest I was a bit confused on this day because a girl called Sophie told me that I´m staying at her house and not at Lara’s house .
When we arrived at Sophie’s house, Torben also stayed there, Sophie asked us if we are hungry: Of course we were hungry!
All the time during this project Sophie was really caring and asked us if we were hungry, thirsty or something else to make us feel comfortable.
My opinion is that Belgian people are really openminded and really friendly, they like to talk and are really interested in you as a person.
My host was first a bit shy, because she had to talk English but after two days we talked about almost everything.
Furthermore Belgium people are really polite. I made the experience that people like to know new things about different cultures.
Sophie’s dad has a big social engagement, on few evenings in the week he works as a volunteer in a hospital as clown. Usually he is a realtor.
Now I want to use the chance and say again thank you for the great time and the experience we shared.
Lisa Katrin

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